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I'll do anything, jokes, bets, gags, creative use of dupes. Anything.

Because it reminds me I'm alive.

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Birthdate:Jan 15
The mutant known as MULTIPLE MAN is in reality Jaime Madrox, the son of Daniel and Joan Madrox from Madison, Wisconsin. He was born with the ability to replicate, the first incidence occurring when the doctor who delivered him slapped the infant on the rear and sending a clone flying across the room. The exact reason for his mutation is still unknown. He was forced to wear a special suit to contain his powers. After he was left alone at age 15 when his parents were killed in an accident he was found by Brotherhood of Mutant Supremacy. They taught him to control his powers and make more duplicates than he could have imagined (Twenty-eight to be specific until he begins to lose track of them).

[ [ Jamie is played here from the Ultimateverse of Marvel and from there it is even touched up to a sort of AU. I'm not picky, I just enjoy the character and his interaction with characters. Oh and I don't own anything. ] ]

layout by mentahelada photo icons of little Jamie are from this photoshoot and teen Jamie are from this one. Both are at Corbis.
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