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Apr. 7th, 2009 04:20 am
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If I lost my powers? Then I wouldn't be the same person I am right now. I was born with my powers. They shaped who I am today and I was always told it was nothing to be ashamed of. I don't imagine my affiliations would be too enthusiastic about it either- a mutant gone lame is next to useless.

Getting out of bed was a grueling process for Jamie Madrox. For being an early riser the task of waking up took the efforts of many men. Fortunately Madrox could conjure them up at will. The disheveled mess of hair slowly rose from the pillow and helped to right his body so he might sit up on his bed. His eyes remained closed as if still clinging to the thought of sleep. Effortlessly he would conjure up a clone whose sole duty was to fetch a cup of coffee. This morning, however, was different. Madrox sat with his eyes closed and felt the world was disturbingly inert.

Finally he was forced to part his eyelids and face the terms of consciousness. He saw no clone standing before him. He didn't even feel a mental twinge of another presence remotely near. Lips drooping into a frown, Madrox used the back of his hand to scrub at the scruff growing on the underside of his chin. That was as perplexed as a morning without coffee would dictate. "Must be out of it," he muttered as his hand pressed against his throat slightly forcing his jaw up. Finally he gave in and stood. He cleared his mind and imagined himself separating to form another entity: the dupe. Usually for a moment he'd feel the entire world sweeping past him before the appearance of the other. The usual rush of blood and quickening of his heart didn't come. Nothing did. Jamie was just standing there. It was then his eyes shot open and for the first time in many years he was awake without the aid of caffeine.

"What the hell-" he stated in a frightened tone and inspected his own body wondering if he would find anything amiss. Nothing was wrong with him save for nothing was being produced. His power to replicate had failed him. "I'm doing something wrong here, aren't I?" he nodded to assure himself before spreading his stance. He could imagine four dupes: the even numbers seemed easier to conjure and they paired up quite nicely. His body made no indication of responding to what his mind was so wildly trying to command. As he headed for the door he caught the frightening image of merely one Jamie Madrox in the mirror staring back at him.

"Someone's better be ready to give me some answers. And coffee." He rushed out into the hallway in his boxers. His only company was a wounded ego.
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